Friday, April 23, 2010

Flower Friday: Triteleia

Triteleia - 'Queen Fabiola'

Today's featured flower: Triteleia!  These six-pointed purple flowers bloom from late spring to mid-summer.  They are easy perennials that grow from small, round corms, and they don't require any special care.  Their leaves are grass-like and the flowers on this particular type of Triteleia range from light lavender to a deep bluish purple.  You can learn more about Triteleia at Wikipedia's Triteleia page or the Pacific Bulb Society's Triteleia page.

A few book notes from around the blogosphere:

1.  Jaclyn Dolamore, the author of Magic Under Glass, just started a new blog yesterday.  She plans to share short stories and some of her artwork there.  She has already posted one drawing and a short story entitled The Last Day of Mrs. Douglas Clarke.

2.  Laini Taylor recently posted a series of blog posts detailing her writing workshop notes regarding plot.  If you are an aspiring author or a reader who likes to think about what makes the books you love enjoyable, Laini's writing advice is straightforward & very insightful.  You can check out her posts here:  Part I: What is plot? | Part II: Character, Motivation, & Conflict | Part III: Structure

3.  Heidi R. Kling and Angie Frazier are each hosting a "Blue Cover Special" giveaway featuring copies of their upcoming novels, Sea and Everlasting, as well as a copy of Amanda Marrone's Revealers, Sarah Beth Durst's Ice, and lots of fun book swag.  You can check out the contest details on Angie Frazier's blog and Heidi R. Kling's blog.  [Ends at midnight today!]

4.  Alexandra Bracken is giving away a signed copy of her debut novel, Brightly Woven, plus a signed copy of Mistwood by Leah Cypress and several signed bookmarks.  You can learn more about that giveaway on Alexandra Bracken's blog.  [ends 4/27]

Happy Reading!  :-)


Candace said...

Pretty flower! I heard about of the other news you shared but now about the Brightly Woven giveaway! That ones on my WL and so I'm going to have to enter! Thanks for sharing the news!

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