Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cassandra Clare's twitter Q & A

Cassandra Clare shared this cover image yesterday.  It is the cover of the Free Comic Book Day giveaway from Th3rd World Comics, which features the first chapter of their City of Bones graphic novel.  This is not the cover of the final graphic novel.  For more information about which stores near you will be participating in Free Comic Book Day on May 1st, click HERE.  You can read more about the upcoming Mortal Instruments graphic novels HERE.  

Cassandra also hosted an impromptu question & answer session on twitter yesterday and talked a bit about her upcoming novels, Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, book 1) and City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, book 4).  You can read through the twitter exchange on Cassandra's page HERE (beginning April 5th at 3:36 pm PST).  I've copied most of the Q & A tweets here, with the questions in dark blue & Cassandra's answers in red.  WARNING: minor CA & CoFA spoilers.

CC: Soo, anyone got questions about Clockwork Angel or City of Fallen Angels? I'm in a question-answery mood . . .

Q: "Is there more Simon than Clary/Jace in CoFA?"
A:  No, it is about equal.

Q:  "When is Clockwork Angel supposed to come out?"
A:  Well, that's easy. August 31, 2010.

Q:  "what's going to happen with alec/magnus in CoFA?"
A:  Everything's going well until they run into a problem from M's past.

Q:  "Do you know when the cover for CoFA will be released?"
A:  They haven't even started on it! Sept. maybe?

Q:  " should we be prepared for maximum DRAMA and ANGST in CoFA?"

Q:  "What's Clockwork Angel; is it attached 2 TMI?"
A:  Yes. It is a series of prequels. Read this, really:http://bit.ly/aADcHi

Q:  "do we hear anything about Clary and Jace in CoFA?"
A:  That's like asking if you hear anything about them in City of Glass!

Q:  "What is City of Fallen Angels about?"
A:  Synopses to be found here: http://bit.ly/4GFPlO

Q:  "when does City of Fallen Angels come out?"
A:  March, 2011 in all English-speaking countries. Yes, the UK/Can/Aus/NZ, SA, etc.

Q:  "is CoFA the last one in the MI series or are you planning more?"
A:  Oh, look! It's Robert Pattinson over there! *runs away*

Q:  "can u tell us who isabell was speaking to in your april text you psoted?" 
A:  Nope.

Q:  "Is anyone getting bumped off in City Of Fallen Angels?"
A:  There are various corpses about.

Q:  "of the characters in clcwrk angel, who was yr favorite?"
A:  Tossup btwn Will (so crazy) Jem (so sweet) Camille (such a bitch.)

Q;  "do you know about your tour dates for Clockwork Angel yet?"
A:  Only a few — they're here: http://bit.ly/aVDNrH

Q: "Is City of Fallen Angels more like an epilogue or a sequel to the rest of the Mortal Instruments." 
A:  Sequel.

Q:  "who's your fave. character out of TMI?"
A:  I don't have fave characters like parents don't have fave children. (one hopes.)

Q:  "Are we in for any big surprises in COFA"
A:  I certainly hope so.

Q: "is the problem from Magnus's past mentioned in Clockwork Angel?"
A:  Why yes it is.

Q: "does Isabele have her own COFA storyline or is she part of Simon's?"
A:  There's a lot of Isabelle. That's about all i can say.

Q:  "why did you decide to write another TMI book?"
A:  This is why: http://bit.ly/dfuWkP

Q: "Will Jace be his normal cocky self? (I hope so!!)" 
A:  He is somewhat beset by troubles, but you, know, sarcastic as always.

Q: "Do you think Alex/Magnus fangirls will like CofA."
A:  I would not be cruel to Alec/M pointlessly. But no conflict, no story.

Q: "Camille is going to be in COFA, right? does she play a big role throughout the book?"
A:  She's important in her way.

Q: "is clary fighting alot more in CoFA or at least training to fight?"
A:  She does have some training scenes.

Q:  "is there gonna be a love triangle between Tessa Will&Jem?"
A:  It's me, so it's more of a love hexagram.

Q: "are jocelyn and luke in COFA?"
A: Yes.

Q: "could somebody read CA if they hadn't read TMI?"
A:  Absolutely. I expect that many will.

Q:  "Will you you be talking about the sequels of TCAat the smart chicks tour since they will already be out?"

Q: "I've read WHITE CAT but I didn't see anything Jace related .." 
A:  Cassel tells a story about a guy named Jace in his dorm.

Q: "do Clary and Jace finally hook up in COFA?" 
A:  Be weird if they'd been dating two months and hadn't made out.

Q:  "Will we see more of the fairy kingdom in either book?"
A:  No, but in later Clockwork books perhaps.

Q: "is camille going to be the villain in CoFA and/or CA?" 
A:  She really is a more complex character than that.

Q:  "Will Jace/Clary fans be happy at the end of COFA?"
A:  That depends what they like.

Q:  "Who is Camille"?
A:  You'll find out in Clockwork Angel. She is also mentioned in Glass. p 179.

Q:  "hook up means sex in this day and age, doesn't it? IDK."
A:  That's not what I mean when I say it. *shrug*

Q:  "will there still be some of jace's sarcasm in COFA?"
A:  The only way Jace is not sarcastic is if he's dead, folks. Quit worrying.

Q:  "What happened to Sebastian/Jonathan"? 
A:  I like to think he survived having his spine severed and joined the Cirque de Soleil

Q: "Is CofA/The Infernal device going to be your last books set in that universe?"
A:  I have not decided that yet.

Q:  "Any idea how long COFA is?"
A:  About as long as Ashes.

Q:  "Will Alec & Camille meet in CoFA? If so, will there be some sort of cat fight?"
A:  I think better of Alec than that!

Q: "Is there gonna be alot of Clary/Jace romance or am i gonna be crying throughout?"
A:  Maybe there will be romance that makes you cry.

Q:  "does COFA have a happy ending"?
A:  That, I cannot tell you.

Q:  "Does COFA have a happy beginning?" 
A:  Yes, actually, though clouds have started to gather.

Q:  "Does Jace meet Jocelyn in CoFA? What does she think of him?"
A:  He met her in Glass. She doesn't really like him.

Q: "does anyone of importance die in CoFA?"
A:  I am sure they all consider themselves important. :D

Q: "is Max forgotten? :("
A:  Why would they forget him? No, of course not

Q: "do you plan on writing a more adult set of books, or stick with young adult?"
A:  I like writing YA for now.

Q: "will max get suddenly resurrected in CoFA?"
A:  I like to think of him leading an army of tiny zombies.

Q: "how steamy will Jace/Clary be in CoFA?'
A:  Steamier than they have been previously.

Q: "Jocelyn doesn't like Jace really,are there any awkward moments in CoFA between them?And how will Clary deal with it?"
A:  Indeed. How will she?

Q: "Does Magnus look the same age in The Mortal Instruments and in the Clockwork Angel?"
A: Yes.

Q: "will we find out what the concequences of simon's mark of Cain in CoFA?"
A:  Yes. One might call that "much of the plot." :)

Q: "do we find out what the fairy queen was talking to clary about on the end of COG in COFA?"
A:  Let's say it's mentioned.

Q: "does Jocelyn approve of Clary and Jace being together at all?"
A:  she has her reasons for not liking it.

Q: "does Simon eventually make a choice between Maia and Izzy?"
A:  Maybe they make the choice. :)

Q: "if yu had to choose between Jace & Simon, who would yu pick ?"
A:  I would pick Simon. But I am not Clary.

Q: "Are any of the characters in CA sarcastic/fun like Jace?"
A:  When @hollyblack read it, she said, "This is so much funnier than the TMI books."  I think @sarahreesbrenna would agree . . . Will is funny though not quite like Jace, he is slightly more . . . crazy.

Q: "Do Jocelyn's opinions affect Clary/Jace's relationship?" 
A:  This issue is actually featured in the CoFA chapter in the COG paperback.

Q: "Any forbidden(ness) of a romantic relationship in CA?"
A:  Yes. Love both tortured and forbidden.

Q: "will Isabelle have another love interest?I mean,someone who's not Simon"
A:  what's wrong with Simon? Izzy's a busy girl, she dates around.

CC: And now, it is late, so to bed - thanks to you all for playing, it was fun!  My apologies to my twitter friends. :)  Goodnight!

Q: "is will from clockwork angel jaces ancestor?"
A:  Okay, last question. Yes. Yes, he is. Now goodnight! :)

CC: Woke up to more questions! Only going to answer one. 

Q: "is CoFA written entirely from Simon's point of view?"
A:  No. 1/2 Simon 1/2 Clary&Jace.

Cassandra also shared a tiny teaser from City of Fallen Angels on Saturday (4/3):

So much fun talk about CA and CoFA!  :)

Happy Reading!  :-)


Candace said...

*Squee!!!**** I'm so excited!!!!! I hope she comes here one of these times!!!!

Jenni Elyse said...

I love how she evaded the question of more TMI books. I laughed.

Violet said...

Candace - I would so love to meet her! Around the time that she and Holly Black had a tour stop in Vancouver, BC I asked her if she would ever be coming to Powell's, and she said that she is requesting a stop in Portland on her next tour. I hope that is still true.

Jenni - That made me laugh too! :) So did her answer about whether we'd see some of Jace's sarcasm in CoFA: "The only way Jace is not sarcastic is if he's dead, folks. Quit worrying." Haha!!

Jenni Elyse said...

Yeah, that was a great line too. She's quite snarky. I'm going to go retweet your tweet about this and post a link on my Facebook page. All TMI fans should read this! Thanks for posting it.

Violet said...

Jenni - Thanks for sharing the link on fb & twitter! :)

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