Friday, April 9, 2010

Flower Friday: Irises


Today's featured flowers: Irises!  Irises come in a rainbow of colors and a wide range of sizes & shapes.  From little dutch irises grown from bulbs to tall bearded irises grown from rhizomes to the wild irises found blooming in open woodland areas, all of them are lovely!  My favorites include the tiny iris reticulata which begin to bloom in early March and the tall bearded Irises which bloom throughout May and into June.  They are low-maintenance and bloom best if planted in areas that receive full sun.  You can learn more about irises at Wikipedia's iris pageGarden Guide's "How to Grow Irises" video, or the Society for the Pacific Coast Native Irises pages.

Random book news:

1.  HarperTEEN is still offering Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely as a free e-book  HERE.

2.  You can read the first six chapters of Aprilynne Pike's Spells (the second book in her Wings series) for free on HarperTEEN's "Browse Inside" pages HERE.
3.  Novel Novice posted their recent interview with The Body Finder author Kimberly Derting!  You can check that out HERE.  :)

4.  Cassandra Clare has answered lots more Clockwork Angel and City of Fallen Angels questions on twitter over the past few days.  Life After Twilight has transcribed her recent Q & A's HERE.

Happy Reading!  :-)


Laurie London said...

Vi, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your website. You've done such a great job organizing it. Not only do I love all your flower photos (that is sooo you), but your reviews are well thought out and intelligently written.

I remember saying ages ago that you should be a professional reviewer because I've always enjoyed hearing your take on books/movies, etc. And I love your bullet-point format. Very easy to read, even if I'm in a hurry.

My only gripe is that I don't have more time to read all these wonderful books you're talking about!

Violet said...

Aww... thank you so much, Laurie! Your comment completely made my day! ((hugs)) :-)

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