Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Blogger Hop!

This is my first time officially participating in the Book Blogger Hop, but I enjoyed following several of last week's links so I've decided to 'hop' in this week.  The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Crazy-for-Books each Friday, and you can learn more about this week's hop by clicking HERE.  I just joined the wonderful world of book blogging at the end of December, so I am still in the newbie blogger phase and I always love connecting with other book enthusiasts!  :)

Last Friday I had the pleasure of discovering Candace from Candace's Book Blog.  We had a wonderful time meeting in person at Kimberly Derting's awesome book signing the following day, and now we are both hosting giveaways for signed copies of Kimberly's excellent debut novel, The Body Finder.  

You can follow the links below to enter our giveaways:

I am excited to meet more fabulous book bloggers through the Book Blogger Hop this week!  Thanks for hopping by!

Happy Reading!  :-)


Wendy said...

I'm glad to find you through the hop and become a new follower:)

Have a great weekend!

Kirthi said...

I met you through the hop and I love your blog, thanks for visiting mine! I followed too, and now there's 66. and 6 is my lucky number...that is so weird how it happens!!

Happy Reading!

Carin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! That's awesome that you are a whole family of readers!

Chelle said...

I hopped over and am now following! I love your background. Check out my book blog if you like.

Candace said...

*Waves* Hi Violet! I can't believe it's only been a week either! Glad you decided to join in the hop!

Cinnamon said...

Thanks for stopping by A Journey of Books! :)

Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting today via the book blog hop! I love all the purples on your blog!

Violet said...

Wendy - Thank you! Hope you have a great weekend too! :)

Kirthi - Awesome that you were our 66th follower! :)

Carin - Thanks for stopping by! I love the butterfly banner on your site.

Chelle - I really enjoyed reading your reviews & am happy to have found your blog through the hop.

Candace - *waves back* I'm totally having a great time with the hop! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Cinnamon - Lovely to meet you too, I'm glad to have found your blog through the hop! :)

Vicki - Thanks! I am kind of a purple-fanatic. :)

Caz said...


Found you through the Hop, and like the blog, so thought I'd pass on a couple of awards!

The Book Buffet said...

Very nice blog. I found you through the hop. :)

Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

Nice site, just stopped to say hi.

Violet said...

Caz - Thank you for the awards! Very kind of you! :-)

The Book Buffet - I love your book-reading avatar & your blog looks great!

Kelly McDermott-Bay - Thank you for stopping by! :-)

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