Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's Fab Five

1. Do you use a book cover or remove your hardbacks cover when reading out in public, or do you not care if everyone sees your sexy book cover?
I always remove the dust jackets when reading hardcover books because I'm afraid of damaging them.  Most of the romance novels I read are paperbacks so they don't have dust jackets to remove, but I will admit to selecting novels with relatively tame covers to take along if I know I'll be reading at kid-filled locations like the dentist's office or the playground. 

2. What new series have you fallen in love with this year?
The first one that comes to mind is Richelle Mead's addictive Vampire Academy series.  I can't wait to read The Last Sacrifice!  Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series also deserves an honorable mention as does Lisa Mantchev's Theatre Illuminata series.

3. What story did you love reading as a kid?
I always loved fairy tales.  I also remember liking the Sweet Pickles books, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, The Giant Jam Sandwich, and The Weighty Word Book.

4. If you were a character in a book which book and who would you be?
The first character that comes to mind is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.  Marrying Mr. Darcy and residing at Pemberley sounds lovely, but indoor plumbing and modern medicine are extremely important to me, so perhaps that wouldn't be such a good fit after all.  ;-)  If I make modern conveniences a priority, then perhaps Clary Fray from the Mortal Instruments books would be a better choice - impressive rune-drawing skills, a devoted best friend, and a delicious love interest - I think I could handle that.  ;-)

5. What book have you heard raves/good reviews about but didn't care for it yourself?
I didn't fall in love with Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series, even though almost everyone I know enjoys that series.  I liked Charlaine Harris' Harper Connelly series, but Dead Until Dark just didn't capture my interest enough to make me want to read the rest of the series.  Perhaps I read it just after finishing some other book that I loved and somehow didn't end up giving it a fair shot.   

This fun meme is hosted by Froggarita's Bookcase.  Every Friday Froggarita asks five questions so we can all get to know each other better.  The only rule is that you can't use the same answer twice within your five!   Ready to play?  Leave your answers in the comments or leave us a link to your own Friday's Fab Five post.  :)


Mrs. DeRaps said...

Thanks for sharing your answers! I, too, love indoor plumbing!

Here's my post:

Froggy said...

I love the vampire acedemy series as well..I am a bit more behind then you though..I need to read the last 2 released books! I have one sitting here since it came out..just so many books to review!

LOL on Elizabeth Bennet! I couldnt live without indoor plumming either. I don't know how they did it!

I love the southern vampire series but I won't watch the tv show. Maybe you could give book 2 a try? I will tell you once she starts to interact with Eric more it gets so much better..I love sookie with Eric..I wasn't that into her with Bill.

Thanks for playing FFF!!

Jenni Elyse said...

I really want to read the Vampire Academy series. It's on my to read list, but I just haven't got to it yet.

I really need to read P&P. I plan to read it this year! I just need to get to it!!!

Candace said...

I need to finish up the VA series. I'm a huge fan of Sookie Stackhouse but I think it took me a couple books. Charlaines writing is a little different to me. Like it's almost not very well wrote. But the characters really grew on me and now I'm a devoted fan.

Violet said...

Mrs. DeRaps - I enjoyed reading your FFF answers & want to re-read Where the Red Fern Grows now. It's been ages! :)

Froggy - Thanks for hosting another fun FFF! :) Those last two Vampire Academy books, Blood Promise & Spirit Bound, put Rose (and the readers) through an emotional ringer. So waiting until you can read books 4-6 all at once actually seems like a very smart plan. The wait for The Last Sacrifice seems like it is taking forever. I should probably have held off on reading Spirit Bound for a bit longer to make the wait less torturous, but I have no willpower and couldn't resist reading it. I will have to give the Southern Vampire series another try sometime. Maybe if I skip ahead to catch a little of Sookie & Eric together the series will seem more appealing.

Jenni - I think you will like the Vampire Academy series. Richelle's vampire mythology is unique and she creates some pretty fabulous romantic tension for her main character. I am so excited that you are going to read Pride & Prejudice this year. I love, love, love that book! :)

Candace - Charlaine's style does seem to be one of unfussy realism (at least in the Harper Connelly books). The characters go to McDonalds, have acne scars, and stay in cheap hotels. That realism is kind of refreshing in between reading fairy tale romances with 'perfect' heroes and heroines.

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