Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Fab Five + Book Blogger Hop

The whole family decided to participate in this week's Friday's Fab Five.  :-)

1. If you could be an animal which would you be and why?
Violet -  A sea turtle.  They have a long lifespan and get to explore the coral reefs.
Forest-  Marine Iguana.  They hang out in the Galapagos Islands swimming in the ocean and lounging on the shore.  Sounds pretty good to me.
Primrose -  Panda.  Because I love to eat bamboo and they do too.
Amethyst-  Zebra.  They can run fast, and I like their stripes.

2. If you could have any super power which would you chose?
Violet-  I would like the power to control time.  Pulling a Hermione-esque time-turner move and stopping time to give myself a few extra hours for reading each day would be my first priority.  ;-)
Forest-  The ability to manipulate molecules telepathically - creating shock waves, melting metal, repairing wounds, etc.
Primrose-  I would be able to turn invisible and put a force field around myself like Violet in The Incredibles.
Amethyst-  My power would turn baddies into goodies!  :)  

3. If you were a character in a book who would you chose to be?
Violet-  Elizabeth Bennet
Forest-  Fitzwilliam Darcy
Primrose-  Anne Shirley
Amethyst-  Cinderella

4. What is one food you could never give up?
Violet-  Potatoes
Forest-  Soybeans (tofu, soymilk, tempeh, etc.)
Primrose-  Pizza
Amethyst-  Vanilla soy yogurt

5. What is one food you never want to eat again?
Violet-  Okra!
Forest-  Coleslaw.
Primrose-  Green peppers
Amethyst-  Spanish rice

This fun meme is hosted by Froggarita's Bookcase.  Every Friday Froggarita asks five questions so we can all get to know each other better.  The only rule is that you can't use the same answer twice within your five!   Ready to play?  Leave your answers in the comments or leave us a link to your own Friday's Fab Five post.  :)

Book Blogger Hop

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy for Books, and it is a terrific way to connect with other book bloggers and readers.  You can join the Hop by clicking on the image above.  This week's question is:

1.  Right this instant, what book are you dying to get your hands on (past, present, or future)?
I can't wait to read Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel!  It is definitely my most eagerly anticipated book of the year, and I am so excited to have won an ARC in a contest at WORD for Teens.  Thank you, Nicole!  :-)  The moment that book appears in my mailbox, everything else can officially consider itself on hold as I lock myself in a quiet room to read.  Haha!  If only real life worked that way.  In actuality, I will still need to run the kids around town to their art, swimming, ballet, and Ki Aikido classes before trying to talk them into playing in the sprinkler or watching a DVD so I can steal away to spend the afternoon reading.  :-)  So what book are YOU most excited to read right now?


Selva Kumar R said...

Just hopping by! I'm your new follower. Most of the people are dying to read 'Clockwork Angel'. This is mine

Chachic said...

Dropping by care of the hop to say hi. :) I'm already a follower! I'm curious about Cassandra Clare's latest novel as well but I'm not that excited about it because I'm not a huge fan of the Mortal Instruments trilogy.

Jenny said...

Just popping in via the hop to say hi! I'm a huge YA and paranormal fan as well, and am waiting not so patiently for Clockwork Angel:) I look forward to reading your review!


Twisted Book Junkie said...

Hopping on by, I'm also waiting for Clockwork Angel.

I'm loviing the blog!! I'm a new follower.


check me out at
personal blog
group blog

Candace said...

Loved your guys' answers! My most anticipated book is also Clockwork Angel. Closely followed by Mockingjay.

Jenni Elyse said...

That's so cool to see all of your answers! Violet, I didn't even think of controlling time! That would solve so many problems. I need to add that to my list!!!

Emma Michaels said...

I saw that you are a part of the Debut Author Challenge! That is so amazing that you are supporting debut authors and I only recently found out that I am going to be one!!! I wanted to ask if you wouldn’t mind heading over to my blog and giving me your opinion. As a blogger turned author I would really appreciate it and the publisher is still giving out ARCs so you might have a chance at a free copy! Thank you and I hope you will stop by and check out The Thirteenth Chime!

Emma Michaels

P.S.- My release date if Friday the 13th (August this year) isn't that crazy?

Cleverly Inked said...

It's always a Pleasure to stop by your beautiful Blog. I am excited for Nevermore. I need to get it. LOL

Midnight Sapphire Books said...

You got an award on my blog!

Violet said...

Hi, Selva Kumar R! Thank you for hopping by! I enjoyed checking out your blog too. :)

Chachic - I didn't realize that you were not a fan of the Mortal Instruments books. That series somehow hit me at just the right time and place, and I seriously love it to pieces. I think the fact that my husband likes that series just as much as I do makes it even more of a favorite since it is something we share. :)

Hi, Jenny! Thanks for hopping by and for sharing the link to your blog. :)

Candace - Mockingjay is up there on my list of eagerly anticipated books too! August will be a fun month! :)

Hi, Twisted Book Junkie! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing the links to your two blogs.

Jenni - I like the powers you chose too!

EmmaMichaels - Looking forward to reading The Thirteenth Chime! Thanks for sharing the link to your blog!

Liz - Nevermore was my WoW pick a couple of weeks ago. I am definitely looking forward to that one too. Thank you for stopping by! :)

Midnight Sapphire Books - Thank you! That is very kind! :)

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