Friday, October 22, 2010

Flower Friday - Dream Come True + Friday Question

 'Dream Come True' roses

This week's featured flowers are ''Dream Come True" roses!  These lovely grandiflora roses have creamy yellow petals with warm pink edges.  It has dark matte green foliage and gets to be around five feet tall.  The large, long-stemmed roses have mild scent and are still blooming in October at our favorite local park.   To learn more about about 'Dream Come True' roses, check out the 'Dream Come True' page at Dave's Garden, the 'Dream Come True' page at Weeks Roses, or the 'Dream Come True' pages at HelpMeFind.

A few book & blogosphere notes:

1.  If you are looking forward to the release of Kimberly Derting's Desires of the Dead next March, you probably want to check out the prologue at Confessions of a Bookaholic.  (Warning:  Reading the prologue will most likely make the wait for Desires of the Dead seem even longer.)

2.  Want to chat with Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl about Beautiful Darkness?   The Mundie Moms are hosting a chat with both authors on Tuesday, October 26th at 9 pm (EST).  They are also giving away a signed ARC of Beautiful Darkness as well as lots of signed swag.  You can find that giveaway here  (ends 11/19).  Want another chance to win a copy of Beautiful Darkness?  Stop by and enter 
{ a book whore)'s 
Beautiful Darkness giveaway here (ends 11/6).
3.  Squeaky Clean reads is giving away three copies of Lindsey Leavitt's  debut novel Princess for Hire.  You can find that giveaway here (ends 10/25).

The "Friday Question" meme is hosted by Kim at 
ilaxSTUDIO.  This week's question (#134) is actually two questions:

1.  When you eat out, are you more likely to go to a restaurant you know you love , or try someplace new?
We are more likely to go to a favorite restaurant.   Unless we are trying out a restaurant that is new to town or stopping in at a
 random restaurant to see if they've added more vegan options to their menu since the last time we'd checked,
  we are pretty loyal to a handful of favorite restaurants in the area.  We have at least two or three favorite restaurants in every town we visit regularly, so even when we stick to frequenting favorites it doesn't really feel like our choices are too limited.

2.  When you have guests in town, where are your favorite places to take them to eat?  We try to find time to take them to Lotus Garden, Sweet Life, and Voodoo Doughnuts.  But if they aren't in the area  long enough to make the forty-five minute drive to any of those locations, we take them to China Blue, Izzy's, or Nearly Normals.


kilax said...

I have heard about Voodoo donuts! There is a special they show on the Food Network Channel that mentions it.

Candace said...

Voodoo Donuts! I LOVE that place! Another one of Portlands amazing places that everyone must go to!

I think I might have those roses, I didn't know the name though. They were at the house when we moved in. Ours need some TLC though cause they barely bloomed this year :(

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