Monday, March 7, 2011

Awesome Book Event!! Kimberly Derting!

Kimberly Derting, author of The Body Finder and Desires of the Dead

Yesterday I attended a Powell's book signing event featuring the lovely Kimberly Derting!  It was fantastic to see her again and to hear more about her upcoming projects.  She read an excerpt from Desires of the Dead, answered several questions from the audience, talked about her upcoming fantasy-dystopian novel The Pledge, and signed lots of books!  If you would like to win a signed copy of Desires of the Dead, be sure to check out our giveaway post here.    :-)

For a video recap of the event, check out TheEagerReaders YouTube Channel:

Part 1 -  Kimberly discusses a creepy scene in the third Body Finder book.
Part 2 -  Kimberly talks about the cover art for the Body Finder books.
Part 3 -  Kimberly describes The Pledgeher upcoming fantasy-dystopian novel (Release date: 11/15/11)
Part 4 - Kimberly discusses one of the challenges of working on two books at once.

Candace of Candace's Book Blog also recorded several videos, and you can check them out  here.  It was tons of fun visiting with Candace and her sister-in-law, and it was also awesome to see Sara from Novel NoviceInara Scott (author of the Delacroix Academy series), and Suzanne Young (author of A Need So Beautiful and The Naughty List trilogy).  Suzanne is completely responsible for my crazy lack of sleep last night because I simply could not put A Need So Beautiful down until I reached the final page!  I absolutely loved it!  (Thank you, Suzanne!)

The other huge highlight of the day was having the chance to visit with Kimberly before her Q & A session.  We talked about her upcoming appearance at the RT Booklovers Convention in LA, and she also shared a bit of news that surprised me in the best way ever.  When I first met Kimberly last April at an event for The Body Finder, she mentioned that she loved my name (not my online nickname, Violet, but my actual name, Avonlea) and wanted to steal it to use in one of her books.  It turns out that she was totally serious, and there will be a character in The Pledge with my name.  *insert giddy fangirl squee here*  How cool is that?!  In related news, I'm going to need to pick up a bazillion copies of The Pledge, and we will definitely be giving away a copy here on The Eager Readers.  Is it November yet?  ;-)

If you would like to learn more about The Body Finder series or The Pledge, please check out Kimberly Derting's websiteblog, or twitter.

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Lisa Schroeder said...

I hope this doesn't mean I'm not allowed to use your name in a book someday because I'm totally planning on it!!!

Violet said...

You are so sweet, Lisa! And you are still more than welcome to use my name anytime. :)

Candace said...

That is so awesome that she used your name! When she said that I about squealed for you!
It was great to see you and the signing was so fun! I loved seeing everyone, and like you, LOVED A Need So Beautiful. I emailed Suzanne squeeing about it. Luckily she already knows I'm a crazy stalker and she's okay with it ;)
Oh, and A Need So Beautiful gave me crazy dreams last night! And it's been two days and one book since I've read it! It definitely sticks with you!

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