Friday, November 19, 2010

Flower Friday - Gold Medal

  'Gold Medal' roses

This week's featured flowers are ''Gold Medal" roses!  These hardy Grandiflora roses have warm yellow petals with light pink edges.  In our fairly mild climate, this disease-resistant rose blooms in clusters throughout the summer and into early fall.  The flowers have a light, spicy scent and the foliage is a lovely dark green.   To learn more about about 'Gold Medal' roses, check out the 'Gold Medal' page at Dave's Garden, the 'Gold Medal' page at Rose-Roses, or the 'Gold Medal' page at HelpMeFind.

A few book & blogoshpere notes:

1.  Hush, Hush and Crescendo author Becca Fitzpatrick will be chatting with the Mundie Moms on November 30th at 8 pm CST.  Stop by their blog to join the chat.

2.  Want to read Bree Despain's The Dark Divine before The Lost Saint arrives in stores on December 28th?  For a limited time, you can purchase The Dark Divine eBook for under $2.50 on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

3.  If you enjoyed Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix and are looking forward to reading Fury of the Phoenix when it arrives in stores next April, then you will want to enter the Fury of the Phoenix ARC contest on Cindy's blog (ends 12/1).


Jenni Elyse said...

Those roses are beautiful! They some of my favorites. I may have asked you before, and if I did I'm sorry, but do you take pictures of all these flowers? If so, are they all in your yard? Or, do you find pictures over the Internet?

Violet said...

Hi, Jenni! All the Flower Friday pictures are my own photographs. I love taking pictures of flowers. :)

Thirty-five of the forty-two Flower Friday posts feature pictures I took in our yard. Five of the seven not-in-our-yard photos are roses I photographed at our favorite local park (which is right down the street from our house). The other two not-in-our-yard photos are pictures I took at Disneyland (ranunculus) and the Lone Pine pumpkin patch (cosmos). We actually do have ranunculus and cosmos in our yard, but I like my Disneyland & pumpkin patch photos better than the ones I've taken of those two flowers in our yard. :)

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