Friday, September 24, 2010

A confession and a poll...

Confession:  I read way more books than I review.*  Free Smiley Courtesy of

This has been a busy month of settling our daughters into their autumn homeschooling routines and new swimming/ballet/pottery schedules, so blogging has frequently taken a back seat to our other daily activities lately.  Fortunately even our busiest days include reading time, but unfortunately I haven't been finding the time to write & gather links for full blog reviews for the majority of the books we've been reading.  Now that we are finally beginning to settle in to our fall routines, I am looking forward to having a bit more blogging time again soon a
nd I want to start sharing mini-reviews for more of the books we read.  But I am curious to know which types of books most of our blog followers are interested in seeing reviewed.  

In a typical week, I read two or three YA novels, one or two middle grade books, and a giant stack of picture books.  I hope to have time to share full reviews of one or two books each week & mini-reviews of several more (depending on the mini-review format).  I adore picture books, read quite a few middle grade novels, and would say that YA is my favorite genre, but I also like mystery novels, a bit of urban fantasy, and some paranormal romance too.  So far I've been sharing mostly YA reviews here on The Eager Readers, with a few middle grade & picture book reviews tossed in now and then, but I'm curious to know what type(s) of books you all are interested in seeing reviewed.  I've set up an anonymous poll below and would love it if you could take a couple seconds to share your opinions in the poll or the comments.  Thank you so much!

Important note:  This confession does not apply to ARCs or any books I've received specifically for review.  Those books always take priority & always receive a thorough review.  This confession is in reference to books we've purchased, received as gifts, or checked out from the library.

Happy Reading!  :-)