Friday, February 19, 2010

Flower Friday: Columbine


When we are not reading, you will often find us playing in our yard & garden.  As the weather begins to warm up, I find myself excitedly looking through last year's garden photos and beginning to anticipate the joys of spring and summer.  I thought it might be fun to share one of our flower photos here each Friday.  Today's featured flower: columbine!  This particular variety is commonly called Colorado Blue or Rocky Mountain Columbine, and it is one of my favorite perennials.  To learn more about this type of flower, check out the US Forest Service's columbine page or this Garden Guide video.

*Side note:  My apologies for the long break between book reviews lately!  I finished reading several books this week, including Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall, Julie Kagawa's The Iron King, L.M. Preston's Explorer X-Alpha, and Margaret Mahy's The Changeover, so there will be many reviews coming up very soon.  Somehow I've spent a lot of time reading & not nearly enough time posting recently, but I plan to have at least four new reviews posted soon & hope to find a better reading/reviewing balance in the weeks to come.  Thanks for your patience as I work my way through this novice blogger phase.  :)